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my iphone is broken pls help buy new one. pls

Ask: my iphone is broken pls help buy new one. pls

go ask ur mom to buy u a phone lol

mag ipon ka durrrrrrrrrrrr

how to draw iphone charger​

Ask: how to draw iphone charger​



The Iphone 12 and iphone 12 mini are apple's mainstream

Ask: The Iphone 12 and iphone 12 mini are apple’s mainstream flagship iPhones for 2020. the number of hours needed to assemble an iPhone 12 h varies directly as the number of iPhones i and inversely as the number of factory workers w. Four workers can assemble 12 iPhones in 9 hours. How many workers are needed to assemble 48 iPhones in 8 hours?


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guys help me choose one haha so my dad decided

Ask: guys help me choose one haha so my dad decided to upgrade my phone

iphone xr 256gb or my tita’s iphone 11 128gb with 90% battery health

please i need sum help​


You can decide


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My iphone be like to me , part 2. Haha…

Ask: My iphone be like to me , part 2. Haha…


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(x + y)(x + y) =0


❤️Hello!❤️I'm Just Buy My New iPhone! But, I Don't Know

Ask: ❤️Hello!❤️
I’m Just Buy My New iPhone! But, I Don’t Know How To Set Up My New iPhone

❤️Can You Help Me Please❤️​


iphone naol pa brainliest na din thank you

How To Set Up Your New iPhone

1. Turn on your device

-Press and hold the device’s power button until you see the Apple logo. You’ll then see Hello in many languages. Follow the steps to get started. If you’re blind or have low vision, you can turn on Voice.Over or Zoom from the Hello screen.

-When asked, choose your language. Then tap your country or region. This affects how information looks on your device, including date, time, contacts, and more. At this point, you can tap the blue accessibility button to set up Accessibility Options that can optimize your setup experience and the use of your new device.

2. If you have another device, use Quick Start

-If you have another device, you can use it to automatically set up your new device with Quick Start. Bring the two devices close together, and then follow the instructions.

-If you don’t have another device, tap Set Up Manually to continue.

3. Activate your device

-You need to connect to a WiFi network, a cellular network, or i.Tunes to activate and continue setting up your device.

-Tap the WiFi network that you want to use or select a different option. If you’re setting up an iPhone or iPad (WiFi + Cellular), you might need to insert your iPhone S.I.M card first.

4. Set up Face I.D or Touch I.D and create a password

-On some devices, you can set up Face I.D or Touch I.D. With these features, you can use face recognition or your fingerprint to unlock your device and make purchases. Tap Continue and follow the instructions, or tap Set Up Later in Settings.

-Next, set a six-digit password to help protect your data. You need a password to use features like Face I.D, Touch I.D, and Apple Pay. If you’d like a four-digit password, custom password, or no password, tap “Password Options.”

5. Restore or transfer your information and data

-If you have an i.Cloud backup or a backup made from your computer or an Android device, you can restore or transfer your data from your old device to your new device.

-If you don’t have a backup or another device, select Don’t Transfer Apps & Data.

6.Sign in with your Apple I.D

-Enter your Apple I.D and password, or tap Forgot password or don’t have an Apple I.D From there, you can recover your Apple I.D or password, create an Apple I.D, or set it up later. If you use more than one Apple I.D, tap Use different Apple I.Ds for i.Cloud and i.Tunes.

-When you sign in with your Apple I.D, you might be prompted for a verification code from your previous device.

7 .Turn on automatic updates and set up other features

-On the next screens, you can decide whether to share information with app developers and allow iOS to update automatically.

8. Set up Siri and other services

-Next, you’ll be asked to set up or enable services and features, like Siri. On some devices, you’ll be asked to speak a few phrases so that Siri can get to know your voice.

-If you signed in with your Apple I.D, follow the steps to set up Apple Pay and iCloud Keychain.

9. Set up Screen Time and more display options

-Screen Time gives you insight into how much time you and your kids spend on your devices. It also lets you set time limits for daily app use. After you set up Screen Time, you can turn on True Tone if your device supports it, and use Display Zoom to adjust the size of icons and text on your Home screen.

-If you have an iPhone 10 or later, learn more about using gestures to navigate your device. If you have an iPhone with a Home button, you can adjust the click for your Home button.

10. Finish up

-Tap Get Started to begin using your device.

Hope It’s Helps ❤

what is my name is your language Android to IPhone​

Ask: what is my name is your language Android to IPhone​




are you asking for UR OWN NAME MATE? or OUR LANGUAGE? or indeed OUR PHONE BRAND?

How to Screenshot the iPhone 5s?

Ask: How to Screenshot the iPhone 5s?


There are 2 ways:

  • Use the “Assistive Touch”( The small white circle found on the screen)

if not,

  • Use the Buttons


  1. To use the assistive touch simply press it,
  2. Then if the icon of screenshot is not found, press more,
  3. Then press the screenshot icon.


  1. To use the buttons simply press the sleep/wake button (located at the top part of the iPhone 5s) and the home button (the circular button found on the lower center of the iPhone).
  2. Press them simultaneously (at the same time)

Iphone Pro Max 0_0 my little sister gift this to

Ask: Iphone Pro Max 0_0 my little sister gift this to me

Your little sister is sweet is nice

any best color suggestions for my iPhone? ​

Ask: any best color suggestions for my iPhone? ​




ano pa ba yung ibang kulay ng iphone?

Not only you can get the answer of find my iphone how to, you could also find the answers of what is my, ❤️Hello!❤️I'm Just Buy, my iphone is, how to draw, and guys help me.