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I. Directions. Read the sentence carefully and encircle the letter

Ask: I. Directions. Read the sentence carefully and encircle the letter of the correct answer. 1. My cousin is a kind and generous person. she helps me with my daily tasks at home and with my school assignments a. Likewise b. Hence c. Additionally d. As a result 2. Anita is very active and enjoys playing tennis; Leni sits at home all day watching TV. a similarly b. for example c. in addition d. on the other hand 3. Ann got into a car accident. ..her insurance rate increased. a. Furthermore b. As a result c. Such as d. For example 4. The Philippines is a beautiful place to live. Alaska is a very inhospitable location. a. In addition b. On the contrary c. As a result d. Similarly 5. Without a college degree, it is difficult to get a job. some will say, “It’s not what you know, but who you know”. a. In addition b. Such as c. However d. Moreover 6. Getting a degree is a great accomplishment it does not guarantee that one will have a job after graduation a. However b. As a result c. For example d. Likewise 7._ of her good grades, Jenny did not get accepted to UP. a. As a result b. In spite of c. On the other hand d. Thereafter 8. I can’t help you with your Chemistry homework because I am not good at it. I know someone who can. a. However b. For example c. Subsequently d. In the same way 9. . it was raining, I still walked home. a. Accordingly b. Furthermore c. Although d. As a result 10. Parents should encourage their children to eat all foods children will get a well-balanced meal. a. nevertheless b. even though c. in case d. so that 11. they tried hard, the Grade 8 students could not complete the project on time. a. Although b. As a result c. Since d. However 12. Essays must be handed in by the deadline. they will not be marked. a. obviously b. otherwise c. as a result d. also 13. Polls show that Joe Biden is the most popular US President candidate. there are many who disagrees with him. a. In particular b. However c. For instance d. as a result 14. Metro Manila is a huge city. Cebu City is enormous. a. but b. similar c. too d. also 15. to Palawan, Siargao has beautiful beaches. a. Also b. Since C. Similar d. So that

Answer:   1. A.

                 2. A.

                 3.  B.

                4. D.

               5. A.

             6. C.

Explanation:  Yun lang kaya sorry Kasi nakita ko lang to kaya sinagutan ko naglalaro ako eh sorry   at   pa brainliest po

Directions: True or False: Write True if the sentence is

Ask: Directions: True or False: Write True if the sentence is correct and False if it is not. NOTE: All answers must be in CAPITAL

Directions: Read the following excerpts (from essays) carefully. Then on the space provided before the number, write N if the paragraph is Narrative, D if Descriptive, E if Expository, and P if Persuasive.

6. Perhaps, since I am a high school student, somebody might say that I have my entire life ahead of me, with all of its beautiful experiences. But despite being so young, I already have a personal breathtaking experience, which, I am sure I will carry with me until my last days. What I am talking about here is my first hike to the mountains. *

7. Sexuality education may even cause harm because of the distorted and biased views about premarital contact. It is time to give students more comprehensive and compendious sex education programs that will better prepare them for the future. *

8. Though cellphones are necessary for high school students in terms of their safety, they should still be prohibited from use in school. This concept is founded on several reasons, such as disrupting the educational process and facilitating students’ cheating; distracting students by the possibility to access the Internet, social media, or communicate with friends; finally cellphones contribute to the spreading of the social phenomenon known as cyber bullying. *

9. The Great Wall, or Chang Cheng in Chinese, is massive. It begins in the east of the Yellow Sea,travels near China’s capital, Beijing, and continues west through numerous provinces. For thousands of miles, it winds like a snake through China’s varied terrain. Smaller walls extend from the main wall.According to the conservative estimates, the Great Wall’s lengths is approximately 2400 miles. Its thickness ranges from 15-30 feet wide, and it reaches in height to about 25 feet. For many centuries, the Great Wall has been considered one of the world’s wonders. (Turnbull & Noon, 2007). *

10. Historically, the word Halloween is a contraction from the phrase All Hollows Even, which meant the day before All Hollows Day. It is a Catholic holiday dedicated to the commemoration of saints and martyrs for faith; today, though, we know it more as a holiday of trick-or-treating, scary costumes, and entourage, and funny pranks. Gradually, Halloween has lost its religious connotations, and has turned onto a holiday gladly celebrated by youth and adults across the Western world on October 31. *

11. When we take into account how many celebrities used illegal drugs, how unstable their family lives are, and how much crime they commit, we can infer that celebrities should not be celebrated as they are. It is in my opinion that celebrities are worse off than non-celebrities – we should instead honor ourselves with self-esteem, self-confidence and self-reliance. We do not need to look up to famous individuals who can be termed by-and-large as criminals, illegal drug users, and down-and-out family members. Despite the veil of their success, on the whole, they are rather miserable examples of human beings that should not be given the honor they have incurred. *

12. It was the 4th of July in blistering Nebraska, America’s Independence Day. As usual on every Independence Day since I was five years old, George and Terry, my two best friends, and I went on a picnic. I diligently carried out my household chores, packed my picnic bag, and off I went to collect my friends by way of a bicycle. It is going to be an awesome day. I thought to myself as I sped down my neighborhood street on my beat-up blue Schwinn. *

13. Antibiotics were invented by Alexander Flemming in 1928 (Diggins). Antibiotics are chemical substances produced by various microorganisms and other living systems, and capable of inhibiting the growth of dangerous bacteria and viruses. Before the epoch of antibiotics began, there was not much that could be done for patients suffering from different infections, and death rates were not much higher than today. *

14. Living in the city is hard, even for those who were born in the industrialized environment of crowded streets, huge supermarkets, crammed subways, and polluting factories. I was born and raised in Dallas, so I know first-hand about heavy traffic and five-level interchange roads. *

15. Terrorists cannot continue their actions if they are prosecuted and detained. Grounds for criminal prosecution include UN security Council resolutions and outstanding U.S. indictments (Scheffer, 2001).Circumstances surrounding the attempted use of these grounds to prosecute terrorists activities are not always favorable. * ​














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