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Directions: Choose the letter of the best answer. 1. Willy

Ask: Directions: Choose the letter of the best answer.

1. Willy is best described as?
a. A supportive, patient wife and mother.
b. The main character of the story; a tired salesman who is feeling defeated by the society in which he lives.
c. A once promising athlete who has spent most of his adult life working odd jobs out West.
d. A successful business owner with two promising, smart sons.

2. Death of a Salesman was written by?
a. Arthur Miller
b. F. Scott Fitzgerald
c. Ernest Hemingway
d. Mark Twain

3. When he was young, Biff was an elite?
a. Football player
b. Dancer
c. Boxer
d. Runner

4. Who is the person who is a true friend to Willy?
a. Bernard
b. Howard
c. Ben
d. Charley

5. Ben went into the jungle and came out rich. What do the jungle and diamonds symbolise for Willy?
a. That his family abandoned him
b. Material wealth and success
c. Capitalism
d. Greed

6. Where did Uncle Ben make his fortune?
a. Antartica
b. Alaska
c. Africa
d. Alabama

7. Where did Willy get the money to pay his bills?
a. He used all the money in his savings account.
b. He borrowed it from Charley
c. He stole it from his employer
d. He got an advance on his salary

8. Bernard grew up to be a —?
a. lawyer
b. salesman
c. doctor
d. farmer

9. Why does Willy decide to kill himself?
a. So he can leave a lot of insurance money to Biff if his death looks like an accident. Then Biff will have a chance to be successful.
b. He would rather die than face Linda about his past indiscretions.
c. He is drunk and doesn’t realize what he is doing.

10. The play is titled ‘Death of a Salesman’, how does the salesman die?
a. He has a heart attack after he’s fired.
b. He commits suicide by inhaling carbon monoxide.
c. He commits suicide by crashing his car.
d. He is murdered by his son.


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