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Learning Task 1. Read each short text. Identify the purpose

Ask: Learning Task 1. Read each short text. Identify the purpose of each one whether it is to
inform, to instruct, or to persuade. Write the letter of your answer in your answer sheet.
1. What is a storm surge? Storm surge is an abnormal rise of water caused by the
strong winds in a hurricane or a storm. This is over and above the predicted level
of tide. Storm surge takes place where winds are blowing on shore. The highest
surge tends to occur where the strongest winds of the hurricane or storm are.
That is why, people are highly alerted or warned of such occurrence, especially
those living along the coastal areas. Storm surge can damage property and can
clair people’s lives.
to inform
b. to instruct
c. to persuade
2. Typhoons occur whole year round. It is always good to prepare for the coming of
any typhoon as predicted. First and foremost, inspect your house if necessary
repair or fixing is needed. With this, cleaning up the house drainage system is a
must to avoid clogging up. Next, store an adequate supply of food and water
good for a few days. Everything in the house should be put in an elevated
position, especially those items that generate electricity. Water should not
penetrate into them in case flood water rushes into your house. Lastly, always
keep flashlights, candles, batteries, and first aid supply.
a. to inform
b. to instruct
c. to persuade​


1. a

2. b


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Directions: Click the box if the statement makes one healthy.

Ask: Directions: Click the box if the statement makes one healthy.
Check all the statements that are true

________1. Playing computer games the whole day is good for your health.
________2. Walking to school is a bad habit.
________3. Yoga and ballet are examples of recreational activities.
________4. Cleaning the house daily is a good habit according to the Philippine Physical Activity Pyramid.
________5. Swimming, bicycling, walking, jogging are activities to be done regularly.
________6. Golf, bowling, billiards and yard work are flexibility activities.
_______ 7. Walking is one of the best activities in the pyramid.
________8. Watching television for 10 hours daily is good for our health.
________9. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator is not good for our body.
________10. The Philippine Physical Activity Pyramid is not important to follow.

  1. ×
  2. ×
  3. ×
  4. ×
  5. ×

This is my answer

Directions: Read this entry in Rio Anne's diary and complete

Ask: Directions: Read this entry in Rio Anne’s diary and complete it by filling the simple past tense of the verb ( indicated in the parentheses ) in each blank. ( 40 items )

It was mother’s fortieth birthday. I ________ (1.leave ) the dorm very early in the morning and _________ ( go ) to the bus station. I ________ ( meet ) my cousins there, and we ________ ( are ) lucky that the bus station ________ ( has ) many empty buses because it ________ ( is ) a Saturday. We ________ ( ride ) one going to bulacan and _________ ( reach ) home after an hour.
The whole family __________ ( is ) busy that day. My brothers _______ ( clean ) the house and yard. Ate nena _________ ( decorate ) the sala and ________ ( change ) the curtains. My cousins and I ________ ( help ) aunt Cora in the kitchen. She ________ ( cook ) several dishes: chicken adobo, menudo,lumpia, and leche flan. She _________ ( want ) to be sure that the food would be enough for our guests and relatives.
At three o’clock, our guests _________ ( arrive ). Each one ________ ( bring ) a gift ; a big box of cake from Uncle Bert, which aunt Emma _________ ( bake ); a dozen fresh bangus, which Uncle Pepe _________ ( broil ); crispy pata, which Aunt Flor _______ ( fry ) in deep fat; fresh fruits, which Grandpa ________ ( pick ) from his orchard; and garlands of ilang-ilang mga sampaguita ________ ( make ) by Grandma.
Mother’s friends _________ ( come ) with gifts _______ ( wrap ) beautifully; a dainty shawl, which my Ninang ________ ( crochet ); a handbag ________ ( import ) from Japan and China and ________ ( give ) by former classmates.
Everybody _________ ( sing ) and ________ ( dance ). We ________ ( eat ) and _______ ( drink ) heartily. We ________ ( share ) stories and ________ ( play ) games. Our parents and relatives ________ ( reminisce ) about their childhood pranks. They ________ ( laugh ) and ________ ( joke ) a lot.
At the end of the day, everyone _________ ( wish ) for Mother’s good health. We ________ ( promise ) to get together more often. What fun we _________ ( have ).​


1. left





6. was

7. rode


9. are

10. cleaned





























Jose has just received a puppy from one of his

Ask: Jose has just received a puppy from one of his relatives.
How cute the puppy was! But since it was just a puppy and
very new in the house, it moved its bowels anywhere. Jose’s
mother always had to remind him to clean what his dog has
“It would be better. Jose, If you tie your dog outside the
house by the cemented doorway during the day. Then you
wouldn’t be bothered by frequent cleaning, explained Mother.
Jose did as Mother told him. The idea worked very well
and Jose was very thankful.
When evening came, his mother told him to bring in the
puppy. Not wanting to be bothered by cleaning. Jose did not
bring in the puppy.
That night, it rained very hard. It was very cold and the
whole family slept soundly.
1. What did Jose find the next morning?
a. His puppy has died.
b. His puppy escaped.
c. His puppy entered the house.
2. What should Jose have done?
a. killed his puppy
b. brought in the puppy
c. fed the puppy very well
3 What lesson does Jose need to learn?
a. be kind to animals
b. be kind to his mother
c. be kind to his classmates
Vocabulary: relatives, bothered, moved its bowels, frequent​


1.His puppy had died

2.Brought in the puppy

3.Be kind to animals

Write AV if the sentence is Active form and PV

Ask: Write AV if the sentence is Active form and PV if Passive form.

___1. Harry ate six shrimp at dinner.

___2. I ran the obstacle course in record time.

___3. We are going to watch a movie tonight.

___4. I will clean the house every Saturday.

___5. The novel was read by Mom in one day.

___6. The nurse wears face mask and face shield.

___7. The house will be cleanes by me.

___8. That piece is really enjoyed by the choir.

___9. A forest fire destroyed the whole suburb.

___10. The comet was viewed by the science class.

___11. The science class viewed the comet.

____12. The boy kicked the ball.

____13. Becky ate fruits and vegetables at dinner.

____14. A memo was written by him.

____15. Sergie change the flat tire.

Paki sagot po​


  1. pv
  2. av
  3. pv
  4. av
  5. pv
  6. pv
  7. pv
  8. pv
  9. av
  10. pv
  11. av
  12. av
  13. av
  14. pv
  15. av

an abandoned area. What should be the best thing to

Ask: an abandoned area. What should be the best thing to do so you can help conserve
our natural resources?
A Bum the cardboards.
B. Dont touch the cardboards, they must be dirty.
C. Leave the cardboards and let others throw them away.
D. Collect the cardboards, recycle, and innovate into creative crafts.
12. You are invited by one of your friends to join in the Earth Savers Club. Their goal is
to protect and preserve our environment. If you plan to join the club, which of the
following activities should you support?
A. Buming of industrial wastes
B. Clean up drives and tree planting
C. Hunting and selling endangered birds
D. Converting forest land to residential areas
13. Which of the following situations show conservation of natural resources?
A. Jay dumps their garbage in rivers.
B. Jess tums on the light bulb for the whole day.
C. Ella makes creative plant pots from plastic bottles.
D. Tom turns on electrical appliances even when not in use.
14. Your community is recognized as a breeding ground of an endangered bird because
of the presence of an abundant food source. However, a number of people in your
community cut too many trees for lumber, paper, and building of houses. Do you
think their actions are justifiable?
A. Yes, the main livelihood of the people is cutting trees.
B. Yes, we need more supplies of paper for schools and offices.
C. No, cutting the trees will destroy the habitat and reduce the food source.
D. No, instead of cutting the trees they should hunt and sell threatened animals,
15. A new factory is built near your neighborhood. The owner ordered his employees to
throw the plastics and other wastes in the canals and waterways. Do their actions
help protect our environment?
A. Yes, the plastics will decay eventually.
B. Yes, the wastes will be washed away anyway.
C. No, the plastics and other wastes should be burned.
D. No, plastics clog waterways and provide breeding places for disease-carrying


1. d

2. b

3. c

4. c

5. d


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Activity #1<br />Encircle the verbs used in the diary entry

Ask: Activity #1<br />Encircle the verbs used in the diary entry showing the past form of regular verbs.<br />February 20,2021<br />Saturday<br />7:00 pm<br />Dear Diary,<br />Due to COVID-19 pandemic, our family stayed together in our house and obeyed the<br />health protocols to prevent anyone of us from getting infected by the virus. One of<br />these protocols is to maintain cleanliness not only in our body but in our houses an<br />surroundings as well.<br />On Saturday last week, the whole family was up early. It was house cleaning day. Grea<br />Jo, I would rather think about it as family day.<br />fter an early breakfast, we started the general cleaning. Ellen and Mike scrubbed<br />por, applied floor wax on it, dusted all the furniture and arranged the books on<br />elves. After an hour, Nina and Danny decorated the sala and changed the curta​

ano po bayan bat ang dami nakakalito

Note: You can use one conjunction more than one on

Ask: Note: You can use one conjunction more than one on the
1.Elmer and I will stay at our friend’s house
We will bring our elothes
2. I will water the plants
They start to wither
Mother Rele dizay
She cleaned the entire house the whole day
*This astronomy book interested me a lot
5 The school literary will become so warm if it is of
The school installs mine electric lano​


1.Elmer and I will stay at our friend’s house so  we will bring our clothes.

2. I will water the plants  for they start to wither

3. Mother feels dzzy  because she cleaned the entire house the whole day

4. This  astronomy book interested me a lot so

5. The school library will become so warm

Answer: so


Conjunctions are joining words that link together parts of a sentence. The three main coordinating conjunctions are ‘and’, ‘but’ and ‘or’. They can be used to join together two clauses in a sentence.

FANBOYS or for, and, nor,but,or,yet, and so are examples of coordinating conjunctions.


e co the one hey boterodas see Do not on

Ask: e co the one hey boterodas see Do not on the great mensen Do when young me See the numerous dropping on How hard it is for the begins And recall the children’s didide About the old man’s countless cones Howl love the fast talling roin Like a thousand pounding pestes And the strenushing water Down the stream to see it nesties Choose the letter of the correct answer 1. The child is talking to his a. Father i mother C. Sister 2. The child loves to @count b. drink c. catch the rain 3. The child wants to know it counting the rain has also been a part time activity of a great menb. old men c. sickly men 4. The rain nesties in the a dream stream C. Street 5. The old man’s countless canes is a ayiddle b. fiddle c. peddie 6. The water rushes to the team a brook b. stream C. street 7. in the riddle, the countless canes refer to the a little brain b. dropping rains C. stream 8. The rain a. withers b. patters c.gothers 9. The child loves the (a fast b. slow c.tumbling) rain. 10. The fast falling rain is also like a rushing water b.big waves c. pounding pestles II. Directions: Encircle the probable effects for each given cause. 11. Jane is alone in the bedroom at night. a. She cleaned her room. b. She was afraid to sleep. c. She watched television the whole day. 12. Aling Inday slipped while cleaning the kitchen. a. She laughed. b. She sprained her foot. c. She jumped with joy. 13. It was a stormy day. a. People shouted b. People slept soundly. c. People’s houses were blown away. 14. Mrs. Ramos is a kind and understanding teacher. a. She is not their favorite teacher. b. She is well-loved by her pupils. c. She is going to teach college. 15. The door was left open. a. Everybody left the house. b. Nobody entered the house. c. Somebody entered the house used in each item.​


pwede pong pakiayos nung tanong?hirap po kasing basahin

A. Assess yourself using the Philippine physical activity pyramid. Check

Ask: A. Assess yourself using the Philippine physical activity pyramid. Check the activity if you do it at home. 1. Playing with friend outside the house for one-hour. 2. Fixing the beddings every morning. 3. Playing games in my cellphone the whole day. 4. Perform cur-ups and sit and reach 3 times a week. 5. Water the plants in my mom’s garden every morning. 6. Helped in cleaning the house every day. 7. Riding with my bike every day. 8. Watching Television show the whole day.
Brainly ko mag Answer nito​


tiff and I don’t know what you doing today I was just wondering if I can get a chance


your day been so busy

Not only you can get the answer of clean whole house in one day, you could also find the answers of Jose has just, Activity #1<br />Encircle, Note: You can, e co the, and Directions: Click the.