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true or False.1. A good title should be clear to

Ask: true or False.
1. A good title should be clear to describe the research problem.
2. In formulating a statement of the problem, a question raised must answer the “HOW “question.
3. A research problem must be held in a specific area.
4. Different language should be used to create a good research title.
5. You can use abbreviations in creating a research title​








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In writing a research paper, you will discover that you

Ask: In writing a research paper, you will discover that you need to explain bertain words or concepts in your research clearly and accurately. You need to define it conceptually (the dictionary meaning of the word) and theoretically o how you will use that term in your research paper. This is where you can apply the skill on expanded definitions of word. In the example below, sources of extended definition are elaborately question were provided to help and guide you how these source contribute in writing manuscript and reports including research paper​


1. What is the role of ICT in research-based learning

Ask: 1. What is the role of ICT in research-based learning
2. How can information and communication technology help in research?
3. How can technology affect students? 4. What questions do you have about using technologies to support learning and teaching?​


1. Educational ICT also facilitate educators to create active learning environments and adopt creative and innovative content delivery in classroom and online. Educators by implementing ICT tools can also provide personalized and connected experience to all students.

2. Research findings reveal that using information and communication technology is effective in increasing educational motivation, improving questioning skill, improving research spirit and raising school marks.

3. Technology can help students by making learning more engaging and collaborative. Rather than memorizing facts, students learn by doing and through critical thinking.

4. What kind of strategies are most effective within your classroom? …

What student outcomes are you working towards? …

How do you already use technology in the classroom?

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What I Can Do Activity 1.3.4 Try Me After learning

Ask: What I Can Do Activity 1.3.4 Try Me After learning how to review the literatyure relevant to your research topic, please answer the following questions using the references you are using as your guide.
1., Is the problem important or worth researching? Yes or No and Why?
2. Have others researched your research topic before?
3. What conclusions did they reach towards the question?
4. What impact in the community might this research have?
5. Did you find the references very helpful in your research? Why?
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1. Yes,

Why?, the answer is in the picture!

1. How will you use qualitative research in real life?ANSWERS:Qualitative

Ask: 1. How will you use qualitative research in real life?
Qualitative research can be used in real life because if provides an in-depth understanding of people’s lived experience in particular setting.
it is because qualitative research uses words and images to help us understand the situation that answers the question why and how.


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V. Guide Questions (if necessary)Direction: Answer each question using 2-3

Ask: V. Guide Questions (if necessary)
Direction: Answer each question using 2-3 sentences only.
1. When should experiment be used as a research instrument? How about
2. Can you use experiment and observation as your research instruments at the
same time? Explain.
3. What are the factors to be considered before using a specific research


1. Observation is ideal for situations in which nonverbal communication is important for complete research. Observation provides a more reliable measurement of actual behavior than self-reported metrics.

2.Yes it is important because a research instrument is a tool used to obtain, measure, and analyze data from subjects around the research topic. You need to decide the instrument to use based on the type of study you are conducting: quantitative, qualitative, or mixed-method

3.Research Goal. Think of your research goals. …

Statistical significance. Another essential factor to consider while choosing the research methodology is statistical results. …

Quantitative vs qualitative data. …

Sample size. …


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Directions: based on the research questions that you formulated in

Ask: Directions: based on the research questions that you formulated in your output in module 5A (What I Can Do), formulate your survey questions and come up with a survey questionnaire. Do this on a separate sheet of paper.

Research Question 1: How frequent the teenagers’ uses social media on a daily basis?

Survey Question 1:______________________

Research Question 2: How does it affects their studies, behavior and daily lives?

Survey Question 2:______________________​


give the formal definitions of each word by completing the information needed in the table below.

give success stories research it from the internet write and

Ask: give success stories research it from the internet write and explain the following questions using online

1.can you identify with any character
2.what lesson can you learn from character you have chosen would you like your life story to be told


1.For me I choose the story of Jacob.

2. Because I learned that along his journey Jacob received a special revelation from God; God promised Jacob lands and numerous offspring that would prove to be the blessing of the entire Earth. Jacob named the place where he received his vision Bethel (“House of God”).

3. Yes I like the story to be told, it because the story gained and important message to our God. And I like the story because it reminded me of how good is our God are.


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Last question for today!QUESTION #8How can you say that a

Ask: Last question for today!


How can you say that a research material is credible, valuable, and useful?​


You can say that a research material is credible, valuable, and useful if the materials you use give all the information needed of a certain topic and when these materials makes the research very informational and understandable.


  • I can say that a research materials are credible, valuable and useful because these sources can be helpful to determine what people are saying on a topic and what discussions are taking place.

Read and answer the given question in three sentences.1.what is

Ask: Read and answer the given question in three sentences.
1.what is research?
2.Why is research important?
3.How can researches be associated or linked to the words campaigns and advocacies?
4.Why are advertisement and campaign important?
5.What can you say about the language used in researches campaigns and advocacies?
6.What can we get from advocacies and campaigns?

{legit answer}^^^^^^​


1. Involves gathering data or information. It starts with a problem in mind and involves finding solution to that problem.

2. It is important it helps us to gather information or such data in an issue we want to knew.

6. It adds our knowledge about the issue that is discussing or learnings.

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