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P.E. c. 1. When trying to plan for your recreational

Ask: P.E. c. 1. When trying to plan for your recreational activity, which should be the best thing to keep in mind? a. The activity should be ofyour interest b. The activity should be away from home c. The activity will give you the chance to earn money d. The activity is held within your comfort zone 2. The way we live our life reflects our lifestyle. Which of the following is a healthy lifestyle that can maintain your desirable weight? a. Exercise one a week b, Proper diet and exercise c. Attending to gyms and taking diet fads d. Enjoying a balance routine in life 3. Why is footwork important in playing badminton? a. It brings you to the action b. It helps burn fats easily It makes the game exciting d. It helps in the speed of movement 4. Which of the following is a manifestation of the “Leave No Trace” policy in camping? a. Pick up flowers in going home b. Feed animals you encounter c. Bring non-biodegradable equipment d. Bring home with you all your waste materials 5. Jem would like to be an ambassador of healthy lifestyle in their community. How can she give justice to this? a. Practice healthy lifestyle b. Talk about healthy lifestyle c. Write about healthy lifestyle d. Disseminate healthy lifestyle 6. Jamaica’s parents are both obese. She knows that the disease runs in the family that’s why she is trying to find the best way to get out of it. Which is the best way? a. Have a lifestyle change b. Consult a fitness professional c. Live in a healthy environment d. Eat raw and fresh fruits and vegetables 7. Jade computed her BMI and came up with the score of 21.8. This means that, a. Jade is underweight b. Jade is overweight c. Jade is normal d. Jade is obese 8. When less calories are consumed and more calories are expended, a student will have a. Weight loss b. Weight gain c. Sustain weight d. Live healthy 9. Energy intake and energy expenditure means a. Energy intake b. Energy balance c. Energy expenditure d. Energy consumption 10. Badminton had its origin on the game a. Poona b. Tennis c. Shuttle game 11. In performing a successful smash, a player needs a. Agility b. Balance c. Strength d. Power 12. Since hiking is a walking activity, can anybody be a part of the hiking group? a. Yes, it’s for everyone b. No, it’s dangerous c. Yes, it fun to walk with people d. No, only those with Doctor’s clearance 13. What is the most fundamental skill needed in orienteering? a. Setting the map b. Running at a speed c. Locating the points d. Communicating with group mates 14. Lara is a junior high school student who loves to eat more than what she needs. She takes in more chips, chocolates, cakes, and sodas while relaxing in the couch watching her favourite movies in her laptop. What is the consequence of this kind of practice in her weight? a. She’ll gain weight b. She’ll loss weight c. She’ll maintain her weight d. She’ll live healthy for a lifetime d. Court game 15. Mr. Gonzales found out that most of his students are overweight and close to being obese. What can he do to help them? a. Organize a fitness program 3x a week b. Consult a nutritionist for the proper food intake c. Make them active in the class every meeting d. Encourage them to have a healthy lifestyle change DAYTRY‚Äč

















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