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>AlbumenCalciumCandlingChalazaChickenShellShell MembraneVitaminYolkA I R v B 5 L G ħ

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Shell Membrane
A I R v B 5 L G ħ PKD
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Read each statement carefully. Encircle the letter of the correct answer. Just answer based on your
knowledge. Check your answers later,
C. chalaza
d. egg
C. 49
d. 42
1. It covers 67% of the egg weight
a yoik
b. albumen
2. The average wignt of a large egg in grams
b. 56
3. It is also callec Albumen
a. egg yolk
b. egg white
4. 65.5% of whole egg
a protein
b. fat
5. An equipment used for mixing ingredients
a electric mixer b. wire whisk
c. shel
d. chalaza
C. ash
d. water
c. blender
d. spaluia
Student Reflection for the Week
learned that​




3.b.egg white


5.a.electric mixer

3. The average weight of the whole chickens sold at

Ask: 3. The average weight of the whole chickens sold at Pampang Market is 1.26 kg. A random sample of 40

chickens shows that the mean weight is 1.34 kg. What is the alternative hypothesis of the problem?

A. = 1.26 C. ≠ 1.26

B. ≥ 1.26 D. < 1.26


3. A

Step-by-step explanation:

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Activity 3: "Think It Out" Directions: Compute the following culinary

Ask: Activity 3: “Think It Out” Directions: Compute the following culinary math problems. Show your solution. Use another paper for your answer. 1. A 50lbs of self-rising flour cost $27.00. How much 8oz of flour cost? 2. One tray of eggs cost Php200. How much does each egg cost? 3. The restaurant paid for four kitchen employees Php 1,680,000.00 for one year’s work. Each employee averaged 35 hours a week for 50 weeks. What was the average hourly pay rate per employee? 4. A case of individually wrapped straws has 15 boxes of 3000 straws each. The whole case of straws cast Php2268.00. How much does each straw cost? 5. The caterer needs 55 portions of fish fillets weighing 120g each. How much fish fillet does the caterer need to purchase? 6. There are 6 packs of pasta in a case. Each case cost Php1152.00. Find the cost of each pack. 7. How many 180gm sirloin steaks will be acyuired from a trimmed 3.42kg sirlain? 8. I bought a 2.5kg tub of semi-dried tomatoes. Giving 20g per person, how many portions are there? 9. Miss Yee needs to cook 85 portions of rice for a buffet. How much raw weight of rice does she needs to cook? 10. How many black forest cakes (25cm) do I need to bake for a function of 120 people? 11. The Prime Rib Roast cost Php5520.00 and the finished weight is 12 % lbs. There are 50 people coming in and each will be served 4oz of meat. How much does each portion cost? 12. A 24 count or 1 case of green leaf lettuce cost Php 1560.00. How much head of lettuce cost? 13. How much smoked salmon do I need to buy for a function of 550 persons, giving 3 slices per person when each slice weighs 45g? 14. Miss Sally bought a case of 6 gallons of chicken broth for Php3500.00. The recipe for Chicken Noodle Soup requires 2 1/2qt of Chicken broth. How much does the chicken broth for the soup cost? 15. A 12 pack of 16oz cans af Pepsl cost Php191.52. How much does each can cost? How much does a cup of Pepsi cost?​


Step-by-step explanation:

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Not only you can get the answer of average whole chicken weight, you could also find the answers of 3. The average, Activity 3: "Think, and >AlbumenCalciumCandlingChalazaChickenShellShell MembraneVitaminYolkA I.